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Quality Custom Counter top Leads:

We are the source for quality custom Countertop Leads for Indiana custom granite and Quartz Countertop Fabricators. The simple fact that we expose the customer to your specific services and they experience your business in an online environment and then choose to engage with you specifically means that the lead is more qualified then the other countertop lead companies.

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Professional Indiana Countertop Services

We have been doing this since 2009 for countertop Companies all over the US and canada. Through this experience working with companies just like you, we know how to leverage the internet to drive your customer. Learn from your market and react to competition and message changes to ensure that we reach ROI goals.


Free Trial

We offer a free trial in markets that we currently do not have a partner. In these markets we will instantly be able to put you up on our massive network of websites and social media pages to instantly start to build your exposure. In many markets we are already ranked organically so you may immediately gain contacts and brand exposure for your Indiana countertop business.

How Does the lead program work

We dont just generate leads, We have found a cost effective way to grow your sales taking one step at a time. What we do is first drive actions and track your ability to close business. Then we go to work on your overall branding and online profile. The high level overall program is outlined below in order of implementation:

The problem with Lead Generators

You are either first/only to call to get an appointment or you are the cheapest to give a quote over the phone. If you do not fall into those 2 buckets you will struggle with the "Shared Lead providers". They don't make money unless they sell that person's contact information to you and 3 of your competitors. Our process is the opposite of this where we educate the customer on you and the services that you provide and the customer contacts you based on their interest in you.. Much higher purchase intent.

Indiana Market Evaluation

We evaluate your market and assess your current competitive advantages. We devise a program designed to drive your target customer

Indiana Co-brand/Micro website

We have a powerful network of websites that will rank you organically as well as leverage current rankings we have in your market.

Indiana Lead Management

We report to you in realtime on new lead activity as well as provide a daily report of the leads that we have generated for you. We are able to track the lead through the sale to monitor ROI in real-time

Indiana Promotion Design

We adjust promotion strategy based on your ability to close business. It's a delicate balance to take insight into what your promotional strategy will be to target the correct customers.

Indiana Organic SEO

Because we have such a large network of websites we are able to immediately start to enhance your position and relevance within the search engines.

Indiana Search Engine Marketing

We tap directly into the customer channel and drive your customers based on the promotional strategy. our landing pages extend on this message to drive your advantages and create actions from your target audience.

Indiana Social Media Marketing

Here we extend the messaging and area able to enhance the user experience with video and visual ads showing off your work. This leads to social referrals and enhanced engagement with the social media ads and drives more people to trackable websites.

Indiana GMB Listings

Much like organic SEO ranking on your google my business listing is part of the overall online marketing strategy. We have strategies to move your listing up in the ranks.

Indiana Review Management

We go over strategy implementation and monitoring with you to leverage reviews to grow your rankings and your ability to use reviews to grow your business.

Let's Get Started!

Answer Just a few contact details and we will get started on moving the needle for your business.

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Indiana Countertop Marketing Specials:


In markets that we currently do not have a partner we will put you on our cobrand and you pay nothing until we have generated the first 10 contacts.

Restrictions may apply subject to change with out notice.

Expire In 6 Day(s) unless otherwise noted. (7/1/2024)

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See Some Examples of our Work

Some inspirational images of Kitchens, Bathrooms and more! We will help you put together your Countertop Leads dream kitchen with our quality countertops at an affordable price.

Granite Countertops

Granite is proving to be sustainable and a perfect material for many countertop applications.

Marble Countertops

Marble slabs Countertops are some of the most beautiful natural stones in the world.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz or Engineered Countertops are a great alternative to natural Stone.

Granite, Marble and Quartz Countertops Tools

These Applications will help you with the planning process and gather valuable details about your Indiana kitchen or bathroom project!
virtual kitchen Designer Indiana

The Virtual Kitchen Designer Will help you match your wall backsplash and cabinet colors to your stone selection. Click the full screen button [F] to see the designer full screen.
Instant Countertop Estimator Indiana

The Instant Countertop Estimator is designed to help you guage the costs of your countertops by asking you some specific questions and helping you calculate your square footage. This estimate is sent to you via email in real time once you have completed the questions.

Please Feel Free to contact us with any questions you may have about your project. We provide free Estimates and look forward to working with you. Contact US